Top 5 Men’s Shorts Summer 2016

Summer time is here! And with this scorching sun and soaring temperatures, wearing pants goas on a scale from uncomfortable to outright unacceptable. It is the right time to take out your favorite shorts and enjoy the breeze.

For those who are still wondering about the most fashionable styles for the year, we have compiled our favorite models from various online shops. Read through this article and find what’s happening this summer of 2016 in terms of men’s shorts fashion.

9" Essential Chino Shorts

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Here’s a plain and elegant model for those who favor a classic style; these slick shorts won’t look awkward even in a formal gathering, and the Bordeaux is the right color to add a dash of personality without going overboard. These Chino shorts are extremely comfortable and good looking, making for a perfect choice for any modern man looking for fresh and functional shorts. The material is quite sturdy and doesn’t drape a lot, so this is a good pick if you want to avoid that overflowing look which is common with some models.

Men's Linen Cotton Marina Shorts

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This model is made of linen and cotton (41%/59%), which makes for an extremely comfortable fit, very breathable with a bit of draping that conveys a flowing sensation as you move  around. This material is very lightweight and easily washable, making it a convenient choice for outdoor adventures in nature. These are versatile shorts that can be worn to casual events or simply enjoyed on everyday basis. The double tap waistband features a French fly, making for a neat detail that sets these shorts apart from generic and boring models.

Men's 8" Linen Cotton Print Marina Shorts

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Here’s another model made of linen cotton for a lightweight relaxed feel, featuring that double tap waistband which is so in style this year. The back pockets are precisely tailored, and these shorts feature a hidden coin pocket which can be convenient when you’re out in the beach. The real highlight of this model is the printed patterns which really set it apart from everything else out there. If you’re looking for shorts that look and feel really good but you also want to stir it up and differentiate from the crowd, this is your best choice.

UNIONBAY Lewis 13" Belted Short

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Matching a belt with the right shorts can be a great opportunity to accessorize… but sometimes it’s great to use a model like this for the sake of convenience. The Lewis 13” Belted Short is an extremely practical model suitable for everyday action and very recommendable for active men who move around a lot. The belt loop waistband features a removable D-ring belt, while the actual fabric is 100% cotton, taking the base cargo design to a new level of elegance. These shorts aren’t simply fresh… they’re also very, very cool.


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To wrap up this list, we couldn’t help but go back to the classics… cotton oxford classic, in this case. There shorts don’t try to reinvent the wheel, nor do they try to raise undue attention. Here’s the kind of model you want to wear to places where conformity and tastefulness is appreciated. The design is very sober and elegant, and the fabric stretches just enough to clear away any stiffness as you walk around. If you want a conservative and elegant look, this is your right pick… a timeless model that will always look in style.

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