Mix & Match : Fashionable Colors for Summer 2016

Most guys feel daunted with the idea of mixing & matching colors in their wardrobe. Many of us seem to think it’s something that requires an artistic knack, when in fact it’s essentially a scientific endeavor. Don’t take us wrong - it’s always a good idea to follow your instincts on what suits you and what doesn’t, but to get really masterful at mixing and matching your wardrobe, there are some basic rules to follow that ensure you’ll always hit the mark.

The Essential Rule of Color Matching

When it comes on deciding which colors to wear, you don’t need to know a lot about color theory. You just need to refer to a color wheel, which is something that can be easily retrieved from Google. Here:

This graphic is the only reference you need when deciding which garments to match. It’s extremely simple to use, and you should print this out and stick it in your wardrobe for easy reference later on. Just look for the hue closer to the dominant color you want to wear any given occasion. The color that’s immediately opposite is called the “complimentary color”, which means those two colors look particularly vibrant next to each other.

So if you’re planning to wear a blue suit and you want to look stylish, just match with pale orange accessories and the result will always look good. This is the basis of mixing and matching colors in your wardrobe. What else is there to keep in mind? As you know, the fashionable colors change for each season, so you should always keep up with those colors.

What are the fashionable colors in Summer 2016?

For this Summer of 2016, the fashionable palette to use includes the following colors:

Chlorophyll green – the green tone that’s often associated to the Irish people.

Limoncello – also known as acidic lemon, this is a very bright and lively yellow.

Orange rind – a soft pastel orange that looks somewhat close to pink.

Mauve mist – think a very soft lavender purple with just a hint of grey

Deep ocean – a dark blue-green that looks close to the deep sea tones

Butter scotch – a rich color somewhere between orange and brown

Sienna brown – think rich chocolate tones or the color of leather

Vintage indigo. – this is a subtly worn out indigo tone that looks almost royal

You can learn more details about these colors (including the exact Pantone codes, if you want to get technical), but just being aware of the colors is a good basis.

Some of these tones may sound a bit far-fetched, but you just need to focus on the base colors when matching. Sienna brown is still brown, orange peel is essentially an orange color. So when mixing and matching just look for the closest tone in the color wheel and refer to the color immediately opposite – that’s your complimentary color. Butter scotch goes well with medium blues, limoncello works great with purple tones, and so forth… stick to two colors and it’s much easier to achieve a tasteful look.

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