10 things to Avoid When Dressing for a Summer Party

Summer parties are great fun, but they can be confusing in terms of dress code. On one hand, you’re supposed to relax and enjoy yourself… but on the other hand, it’s still a social gathering so you need to be mindful of what you wear. Striking a balance can be tricky and it depends on the type of summer party you’ve been invited to. We recommend always checking with your host on the appropriate dress code, as well as the type of party they’re planning (a barbecue calls for entirely different garments than a pool party, for example).

In general though, there are some guidelines that you should keep in mind for most summer parties you’ll attend. Here they are:

Wearing a tie – it is often uncalled for in the relaxed setting of a summer party, unless you’ve been specifically told it’s a formal event. To avoid overdressing and keep things fresh just wear a nice polo, which still looks elegant enough without projecting any stiff feelings.

Wearing too many layers – the thing about summer parties is how the celebration often goes through the night and temperatures can be erratic, so you may be tempted to dress in layers. Nope! There is nothing stylish about a sporting sweaty look, which is what you’ll end up doing if you overdress.

No Coat/blazer – rather than covering up in multiple layers, just dress fresh and grab a coat that you can put over your shoulders if the evening gets chilly. This means you get to dress sharp while keeping your temperature balanced throughout the evening.

Wearing Hoodies – sure, hoodies can be really practical and comfortable in those chilly summer evenings… but unless you’re still in college or lack self-awareness, you should know that hoodies are not remotely close to stylish.

Tight shoes – If you’re walking around in a summer party with a pained, uncomfortable look, you won’t impress anyone with your spirit of self-sacrifice. A summer party is supposed to be a relaxed, enjoyable setting, so you should wear some comfortable shoes that don’t offend your toes in the slightest.

Flip Flops – on the other hand (foot?), you should not be terribly comfortable to the point of wearing flip-flops – save those for daytime walkabouts, and choose some nice sandals instead, if you want your feet to breathe without sacrificing your sense of style. Hair gel

Hair gels – not a good choice for a summer party because you can end up easily get sand in your head or end up in the pool – two situations in which hair gel can become a nuisance really fast.

Forgetting protection – we all know how summer and romance go hand in hand, so you should plan ahead and keep some condoms in your wallet: maybe you won’t need them, but maybe you will. Just be prepared.

No frowns – the most important thing you should wear to a summer party is a warm friendly smile! No matter how much care you put in your wardrobe, it will go to was unless you make an effort to look happy and enjoy the party.


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