10 things to Avoid When Dressing for a Summer Party

Summer parties are great fun, but they can be confusing in terms of dress code. On one hand, you’re supposed to relax and enjoy yourself… but on the other hand, it’s still a social gathering so you need to be mindful of what you wear. Striking a balance can be tricky and it depends on the type of summer party you’ve been invited to. We recommend always checking with your host on the appropriate dress code, as well as the type of party they’re planning (a barbecu...
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Mix & Match : Fashionable Colors for Summer 2016

Most guys feel daunted with the idea of mixing & matching colors in their wardrobe. Many of us seem to think it’s something that requires an artistic knack, when in fact it’s essentially a scientific endeavor. Don’t take us wrong - it’s always a good idea to follow your instincts on what suits you and what doesn’t, but to get really masterful at mixing and matching your wardrobe, there are some basic rules to follow that ensure you’ll always hit the mar...
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Top 5 Men’s Shorts Summer 2016

Summer time is here! And with this scorching sun and soaring temperatures, wearing pants goas on a scale from uncomfortable to outright unacceptable. It is the right time to take out your favorite shorts and enjoy the breeze.

For those who are still wondering about the most fashionable styles for the year, we have compiled our favorite models from various online shops. Read through this article and find what’s happening this summer of 2016 in terms of men’s shorts fashion....
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